Best Courtroom Drama Hollywood Movies

CBS` famous legal and political drama series about Alicia Florrick, a good wife who resumes her career as a defense attorney when her political husband ends up in jail due to a corruption scandal. Let`s put that aside: The Devil`s Advocate is a wild movie. It is alternately a slow-burning legal drama with a thriller and a supernatural horror plot. It is also very difficult not to spoil because revelation is part of his glorious madness. Keanu Reeves plays an arrogant young Florida lawyer named Kevin Lomax who can`t and won`t lose a case and has even the most heinous criminals acquitted. He is invited to come to New York and help a Hotshot law firm select the jury, and is eventually recruited by the firm headed by the mysterious John Milton of Al Pacino. The title really says everything you need to know about who this “John Milton” is, and soon Kevin and his wife (Charlize Theron) are doing some very scary things. But what you might forget about Devil`s Advocate is how much of a legal movie it is between all of Pacino`s screams. Before raising your objections, let us set aside some reservations. For the purposes of this list, we`re mainly thinking of thrillers or thriller neighbors that have been ripped off the headlines – meaning we`ve left out a number of classic courtroom dramas and trends towards the `90s and the present. (No disrespect for Witness for the Prosecution, Anatomy of A Murder, 12 Angry Men, The Verdict, or a number of other legal classics.) Think of John Grisham and the scenes where Tom Cruise beats Wilford Brimley with a briefcase. The drama of the courtroom never goes out of style, despite the fact that the setting is static and the plot almost always follows a similar pattern.

There is a long tradition in the theater of the legal drama that films have definitely inherited, and the genre has always been popular. Just like Kramer vs. Kramer examines the private lives of his characters through the courtroom, 12 Angry Men deals with race in America. In the film, a jury (the twelve eponymous angry men) adjourns to deliberate on the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of murdering his father. It has become a classic courtroom movie since its release and is an easier option for most court dramas. The Rainmaker, one of grisham`s best adaptations, is directed by Francis Ford Coppola with absolute sincerity. Matt Damon plays the deliciously serious Rudy Baylor, a fresh-faced graduate of the University of Memphis who is the ultimate underdog. Paired with an idiosyncratic co-lawyer (Danny Devitos Deck Shifflet), he sets up an independent firm to handle a complex claim. The Great Benefit Corporation rejected a bone marrow transplant that could have saved the life of Donny Ray, 22, and Donny`s parents, Dot (Mary Kay Place) and Buddy Black (Red West), can only afford a lawyer who has never heard a case. Damon`s idealism is inspiring, and Jon Voight delivers a stunning performance as Great Benefit`s rogue defender, Leo F. Drummond. It`s easy to reduce Rob Reiner`s A Few Good Men to Jack Nicholson, who shouts, “You can`t handle the truth!” but it`s just as easy to forget how disturbing and tense a film it is about the cult nepotism of the Marines.

There are a lot of moving parts in A Few Good Men, but it revolves around the murder of Marine William Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo) and the two unequal lawyers JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) and Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), who are tasked with defending his accused murderers, two comrades. This puts them against Nicholson`s sinister Colonel Jessup. Although this is Aaron Sorkin`s first film as a writer, it is still one of his best screenplays, intelligent and catchy, that ends up reaching the roots of an American institution. One of the most iconic films of the 1980s and a groundbreaking role for Meryl Streep, A Cry In The Dark, isn`t just about the drama that takes place in the courtroom. It is also about the media circus and the court of public opinion that takes place on the margins. Paolo Alfar is a freelance writer based in Manila, Philippines. His passion for films is a coincidence when he designed a cinema in his childhood. From then on, his penchant for films grew. And Leo DiCaprio`s epic “Blood Diamond” kind of sparked that passion. Follow him on Letterboxd at Paolo_the_TPS. Although the scenes in the courtroom are full of power, in many ways this is Streep`s film, as it depicts with emotion and resonance a mother falsely accused of committing one of the most horrific and devastating crimes imaginable. When we enter the courtroom, we see all the establishment machinery that we have to fight: bastard judge, bastard chief prosecutor in a very chic costume, obscure trial and, above all, jury assumptions – and, short, so is the implication.

A Few Good Men has a large cast of well-known actors such as Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon and takes place primarily in the courtroom when Cruise`s military attorney defends two Marines accused of killing another Marine at their Guantanamo Bay base. The film manages to let the viewer get carried away in the power of its drama. Beyond that, however, the film is also a warning and reminder that it is always necessary to hold evil accountable instead of leaving it unpunished. To Kill a Mockingbird tops the list. Gregory Peck`s best performance. A legal drama doesn`t necessarily need to focus on court scenes to be satisfying. Civil lawsuits also exist, and Erin Brockovich is a crackling thriller about law and lawyers, as well as a character study and the dismantling of American companies. Steven Soderbergh`s film is probably best known for Julia Roberts` Oscar-winning performance and her bold, dirty and overall endearing portrayal of the eponymous real-life legal assistant that exposes environmental neglect and cover-up by California`s leading electric and gas utility. It`s also a sunny exploration of how corporations knowingly poison people and do nothing about it, and the kind of bravery and stubbornness it takes to bring them down. The 1950s were a very strong decade for forensic dramas, producing films as disturbing and powerful as Witness for the Prosecution directed by Billy Wilder (another of Hollywood`s best directors). The film focuses on an aging lawyer who decides to take on a defense case, although it eventually becomes clear that the man actually committed the murder. Based on the real-life account of an Indian lawyer and human rights activist, the 2012 legal drama Shahid tells the story of Shahid Azmi`s works as he climbs the ladder to bring justice to the oppressed.

Shahid and his family witnessed the Bombay riots, which led him to study law and fight for the cause despite the oppression he suffered. The dangerous and mass-produced chemicals that Mark Ruffalo`s tenacious lawyer, Robert Bilott, fights against can be found in seemingly boring objects like non-stick pots and pans. There`s a surprising banality in the real horrors explored in Dark Waters, the story that makes headlines by a lawyer waging a decades-long legal war against DuPont, one of the world`s most powerful companies.