Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai Attestation Requirements

Certification of educational materials by MOFA usually takes one to two days. But it is also done in case of emergency in one day. Regardless of your country of origin, our legalization team can give you expert advice on the list of documents requested from you, depending on your specific purpose for document certification. In the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the authority for the legalization of all documents issued by foreign authorities abroad. HHS lawyers and legal advisors participated in the MOFA certification. We can help you with MOFA certification as it is the last procedure that must be performed in a certificate and is carried out after completing other important pre-certification procedures. If you are looking for MOFA certification services, contact us, we will be happy to help you. The department is also responsible for reviewing domestic and foreign documents certified by other relevant government agencies. After reviewing the documents, the department forwards the certified and verified copies to the country`s local embassy, which requires the certificate. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we have made thousands of document certificates for our clients: Companies like Benchmark Attestation Services have years of experience in notarizing legal documents for UAE visas.

All documents submitted to us by our clients are carefully monitored; We attach great importance to monitoring the progress of the certification process and regularly updating customers. In addition to these MoFA certification centers, you can also apply for MoFA certification in Dubai at Service 1 Center in Dubai. Whether you have requested a medical certificate in Dubai or the authentication of your education or other certificates in the United Arab Emirates, the MoFA certificate can take up to two working days. Confirm your statement to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We deal with 150+ countries and 110+ languages globally. The moped certificate is available in all UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, um Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Receive a moped certificate within 24 hours. Notarization of documents, education certificates, personal documents and business documents Notarization Services We can help you with any moped authentication, notarization or translation services you need. It is very important to obtain the MOFA certificate from Dubai to Dubai to authorize the document as legal and credible for: For more than three decades, the Dubai Notary has been the market pioneer in the UAE`s visa, certification, verification and immigration segments. Our legalization specialists are based in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, all dedicated to providing exemplary legalization services in the UAE.

As an industry leader, we listen to the needs of customers and government agencies across the country. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides legalization services for all types of documents. The purpose of this procedure is to verify the validity of the stamp and signature on these documents, whether they were issued inside or outside the country. This includes certification services provided by customer satisfaction centers in the UAE as well as UAE missions abroad, including the legalization process for ordinary certificates issued inside and outside the UAE. These include educational and medical certificates, marriage and divorce contracts, powers of attorney, etc., as well as certification of commercial contracts and agreements. Service procedure:1- Registration: Log in to the MoFAIC website and register per customer (individuals/companies). The required information must be entered by the client according to the fields.2- Application Process: To submit the application, please fill in the mandatory fields, attach a copy of the document and select the place where the certificate should be made according to the type of document.3- Application verification: The application process must be verified by the UAE Embassy/Customer Satisfaction Centres in the UAE. If the conditions are met, the authorization must be sent to the customer to complete the payment process.4- Payment of fees: After receiving the authorization of the payment transaction, log in to the MoFAIC website (username – password), select “My Tasks” and start the payment process.5. Receipt of documents: After completing the payment process, it is possible to visit the UAE Embassy/Customer Satisfaction Centres in the UAE to confirm the original document and then hand it over to the client.

According to UAE law, those who wish to apply for a residence visa or stay in the UAE to work or apply for a family visa must have their certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant`s home country. Moped attestation at Amazon Attestation Services provides attestation services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within 24 hours in Dubai, UAE, with pickup and delivery. Have your document certified by MOFA. We offer all kinds of certificate certificates and embassy certificates from all UAE countries. Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. We Amazon Attestation provides certification for educational, personal, and business materials. In the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or moped certificate renders the final verdict on the authenticity and validity of a document. As far as certification is concerned, the officials who work here are the last to check documents from abroad.

Once they are satisfied, your certificate will receive an official sticker that will make it valid in the country. First, the certificate requires a certificate from your own national authorities, from the UAE embassy there, and then with the MOFA certificate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the government department of a country. You can return the documents to your home country by post and ask your relatives and/or friends to have them certified for you. Foreign nationals applying for a UAE visa need a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work legally, set up a business, pursue higher education in the country, and meet other requirements for a residence visa. The MOFA certificate can usually be done in a few days, but in case of emergency, we can receive the certificate the same day. In some cases, documents may need to be translated before being sent to the State Department. Translation services can increase the time it takes to complete the certification process. If a translation is required, we will send your documents to trusted agencies who will translate them for you in accordance with the rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates. Our firm specializes in MOFA certification services for incoming and outgoing documents.

You can contact our law firm for legalization services, we can guide you through the document certification process. The document certification processes for the certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (MOFA) in the UAE are a very time-consuming, expensive and complicated process. A lot of time researching the requirements and implementing the prerequisite procedures is absolutely necessary to get the job done. Using Notary Dubai`s notarization services provides you with both peace of mind and clear guidance for performing document certification in the UAE. The legalization process verifies stamps, seals and signatures in different types of documents issued in a foreign country. Once the MOFA certificate is completed in the UAE, the documents are considered legal or valid in the eyes of the law.