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MG:.. IPA: [ɛmˈɡeː], plural: [ɛmˈɡeːs] Word meaning/definition: 1) Machine gun Contrasts: 1) MP (submachine gun) Application examples: 1) MGs are well used in urban combat. 1) “In 1915, the German. Add MP to one of the following lists or create a new one. “This negative is positive for the MP. The corona test of MP Tobias Hans (42, CDU) is negative – no disease., 24 September 2020 “Lower Saxony MP Stephan Weil (SPD) called for a revival of the energy transition and announced a law on climate protection.”, 28 July 2019 “Samsung is reportedly working on a 250 MP camera sensor. 48 MP, 64 MP, 108 MP, soon 192 MP – the craze has picked up speed. Manufacturers are outbidding each other with more and more megapixels in the camera. AICS, 01 May 2020 “The International Handball Federation has prematurely terminated the contract with MP & Silva. Lagardére Sports and Entertainment takes over. W&V, August 21, 2018. Get a fast and free translation! “What happens after the end of lignite must now be decided by the coal commission. MP Michael Kretschmer was also on site.

Tag24, October 12, 2018. “The coronavirus crisis still has Germany under control. But given the impending relaxations, MP Bouffier of Hesse has now drawn an explosive comparison. Day 24, 08. On the question of the density of traffic to be combated.. “RH Elektro GmbH in Reichenfels and MP Bau- und Projekt GmbH in Schiefling are insolvent.” Kleine Zeitung, July 29, 2020 “With fast 5G mobile communications, 64 MP and a zoom factor of up to 50, Huawei`s new Nova 7 series is expected to attract buyers. There is also a fast charging mechanism worthy of the name., April 24, 2020. These sentences come from external sources and can sometimes contain errors. is not responsible for this content. “The projectile detached from the deputy of an official during the Euro Info Tour.”, 07 September 2018 monstrous: .. Black vinyl records the size of a plate with grooves, or today`s monstrous videotapes? Instead, CD, DVD, MP 3 and USB flash drives preserve movies, pictures and music. 1) Comparative observations of large and small birds, such as.. On Weibo, Xiaomi`s chief product officer Wang Teng has now commented on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 and a 64 MP camera from Sony. That the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will come, is certain. Only when, is not yet clear. AICS, 08 July 2019.