Not so Berry Requirements

Another way to speed things up a bit is to look for the right Sims to fight or befriend based on the demands of each generation. Once again, in the first generation, the Sim must stop the pursuit of misdeeds and get enemies they can`t laugh at. For those who don`t know exactly what a Sim Berry is, it`s a colorful Sim usually named after some sort of treat. Whether it`s a blue Sim named after Blueberry Cake or a lively family of Laffy Taffy, The Berry Sims are just living creations designed to be a ton of fun and break the mundane. While it may seem like a silly idea at first, creating The Sims Berry is actually going to be a really good time. With that in mind, it`s no surprise that a legacy challenge designed for The Sims Berry has become a popular way to play The Sims 4. The Not So Berry Challenge is a legacy type of challenge that uses different colors to mark each new generation. The irony here is that the challenge is made to accommodate players who may not really be into the Berry Sim movement, but are easily intrigued by the idea. Whether you love the idea of having a family of Sims who seem to have escaped Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, or you want to maintain a sense of feeling or normalcy and get away from glowing, unnatural skin tones, the Not So Berry Challenge always has something to offer. The goal of the challenge is to encourage Sim players who want to be chased out of their comfort zone and experience new Sims and storytelling opportunities. The order of the berry sims is mint, rose, yellow, gray, plum, orange, pink, peach, green, and blue. Thanks to the success of the challenge in The Sims community, famous YouTubers and Sims players have tried it out. In The Sims community, the term “bay” is used to describe Sims who have unusually colorful hair, skin color, eyes, and wear matching outfits.

The Not So Berry Challenge is a challenge inherited from The Sims 4 created by Lilsimsie, YouTuber The Sims, and her friend alwaysimming. [1] Get to Work, Get Together and City Living expansion packs, Parenting, Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat game packs, and Movie Hangout stuff pack are required to achieve game objectives. Here are the rules of the challenge. Originally developed by YouTuber Lilsimsie and Twitch streamer, the challenge still spans ten generations of a Sim family, with each new generation taking up the challenge and representing a different color. Colored or “berry” Sims embody a specific color, with their style, hair, and makeup reflecting the color of their name. Each bay will enter the challenge with a career goal, three pre-assigned traits, and a biography of their aspirations/goals. The Sims 4 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Traits: Foodie, Lazy, GoofballAspiration: Joke StarCareer: Detective. The heir to the orange generation is another black sheep in family history. This Sim should have bright orange hair, which is not surprising considering he grew up in a hectic family.

For years, with no real structure or organization, this Sim has been interested in living a life of crime and getting into trouble most of the time. This can be difficult to achieve, so the use of cheaters may be necessary in this case. Of course, it is always possible to choose the batch function “On The Ley Line” and hope for the best, but only cheaters are 100% reliable in this case. The Not So Berry challenge is to make fun of “The Berry Sims”. If you have no idea what a Sim Berry is, it`s basically a Sim with light skin, hair, eyes, and clothing. For example, we`re talking about pink Sims with light green hair and a super light blue dress. Mint is the theme color of the first generation of the Not So Berry Challenge. The heir to the pink generation grew up with the harsh reality of paycheck to paycheck to lifestyle. Every penny counted for this Sim growing up, and finances have always been a priority. Unfortunately, the need to hold on to financial security has caused this Sim to turn his back on his passion for writing romance novels. Leaving a good job to become a writer is simply not practical, and this Sim keeps that in mind. Eventually, however, the heir to the pink generation finally seizes a chance and embarks on their wildest dream.

This Sim embarks on a journey to become a successful writer while his own unpleasant tendencies get in the way of his personal love life. Traits: Maleficent, Self-Confident, WolverineAspiration: Enemy of the StateCareer: Aspiration Series Criminal Rose Romance Bonus Seductive Property Traits Hothead Snob Romantic career(s) Politician [source] There are dozens of The Sims 4 challenges available online, but one of the most popular is the Not So Berry challenge, created by Sims Youtuber`s lilsimsia and alwaysimming. Meeting this challenge can be a challenge in itself, but fortunately, there are several ways to do it. Home » Resources » The Sims 4: How to Meet the Not So Berry Challenge. The heir to the grey generation has always been a black sheep in the family, but not in the way one might expect. This Sim feels like an outsider simply because he would do it every day to be active and outdoors instead of spending hours in a lab. Although this Sim comes from a number of science-loving Sims, he is a natural athlete who dreams of one day playing professionally. Not to mention, all these years of disconnecting from the rest of the family have desperately led this Sim to have a positive and close relationship with his own children.