William and Mary Legal Counsel

William & Mary has been training civil lawyers since its inception. Although the term “civil lawyer” has been used more recently, our initial ideal was that a William & Mary lawyer would not simply be a legal engineer who had memorized cases and laws, but someone who understood how the law worked in the world and who brought insight and importance to the profession from a variety of fields and experiences. Our professionals have extensive experience in legal practice, business, consulting and higher education. We look forward to supporting students, graduates and employers. All deans advise students and alumni on career planning and professional development, coordinate programs and workshops, and maintain recruitment relationships with employers. “I enjoyed hearing from a practicing lawyer who reminds me that law school is just the beginning and who is looking forward to a career in law.” This approach in legal practice provides the foundation for citizen lawyers to lead in their communities, motivated by a desire for progress and by the knowledge that members of the legal profession have a special responsibility that comes with their degrees. While our founders` vision did not include justice for all, we believe that these values – leadership, insight, inclusion, community and progress – distinguish a civil lawyer from a simple law degree. Nee has served in her current position with the Education Division of the Attorney General`s Office since 2017, overseeing the 46 lawyers who advise all of the state`s education agencies, including 17 colleges. At W&M, she succeeds Deborah Love, who returned to the Virginia Attorney General`s Office as Senior Assistant Attorney General from 2011 to 2019. Previously, Nee served as Senior Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Education from 2011 to 2017, where he served as an academic advisor for Mary Washington University, representing the Virginia Library and advising the Virginia Department of Education. Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring has appointed Carrie Nee, senior assistant attorney general and head of education, as William & Mary`s next university attorney. The Office of University Council (OCI) supports William & Mary, including all of its offices and departments, with a wide range of legal services.

In particular, the VHC provides legal advice and guidance to the W&M Board of Visitors, executives, administrators, lecturers, staff and sometimes students, all in their official capacity. In the first year of the program, you will work in small legal writing courses with a full-time faculty member who specializes in legal writing. You will develop your objective legal analysis and writing skills in the autumn semester and your compelling writing skills in the spring semester. You will learn effective communication techniques through bi-weekly courses and one-on-one lectures designed for effective and focused feedback that will make you not only a better writer, but also a better editor of your own work. Nee will oversee all aspects of litigation involving the university. As a member of the President`s Cabinet and executive team, she will work with W&M executives on legal matters in areas such as employment, finance, civil rights, and federal and state compliance. “I enjoyed my co-advice! He was very nice and approached me in the spring semester to see how it went. When I was in D.C.

He took the time to meet me too. Nee, which begins July 15, will provide legal representation and services to the university under the direction of the Attorney General. She joins Sarah Melchior, who will continue to serve as Associate Academic Counsel, a position she has held since 2013. Your legal education begins with Law Week, a multi-day introduction to law school and the practice of law. You will learn about the Faculty of Law, meet your professors, get to know your classmates and renew your inspiration for the profession you will practice in the profession you will undertake. You will learn to read and analyze cases and attend the first of your teaching classes. And you`ll learn about the civil lawyer`s law school tradition and the importance of community here at William & Mary. “I was able to help my junior lawyer learn about environmental organizations and groups in the area. I also helped my junior counsellor by giving her advice during her summer internship search and helping her introduce her to the environmental group she will be attending next year. I think the most impactful aspect of the program is providing students with someone who can help guide them when they feel overwhelmed by the options/decisions and want to hear from someone who has recently gone through the process.

Prior to joining William & Mary, Dean was a partner at the law firm of Cullen and Dykman, LLP, in Garden City, New York, where he specialized in banking regulation, compliance and corporate transaction matters. After retiring from practice, Dean Ende served as a professional legal recruiter and then associate dean of career services at Hofstra Law School for nearly six years. From 2020 to 2022, Dean Ende served on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and was a member of the Board`s Finance Committee. Dean Ende is currently Co-Chair of PNLA`s Strategic Advisory Committee on the Future of the Legal Workplace. At William & Mary, Ende chaired the Dean`s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion; was a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, the Judicial Referendum Committee and the Special Committee on the Review of Legal Practice Programs at the Faculty of Law; and the university-wide career development team. The Attorney General of Virginia provides all legal services to Commonwealth officials, agencies and employees, with some exceptions; These services are provided by appointed Assistant Attorneys General. The University Counsel and the Associate Academic Counsel are employees of William & Mary, but are appointed by the Attorney General as Special Assistant Attorneys General. Pro bono service – unremunerated and insolvent legal advice for insolvencies – takes many forms at William & Mary. Recent initiatives include: Today, we are adopting a broader definition of what it means to be a civil lawyer: a definition open to anyone who comes to William & Mary to become a different lawyer.

Today`s civil lawyer is as diverse as our society – we are global citizens. We understand the responsibilities that come with our law school as well as the ones we bring, regardless of our role: corporate counsel, litigator, in-house counsel, public interest lawyer or government attorney, educator, board member, or whatever we use our skills. We take our values with us, no matter where we work or what customers we serve. We find ways to use our legal skills to make the world around us better, whether at the highest levels of government or in our own neighborhood organizations. We approach issues with integrity, judgment and awareness of the impact of our work beyond the challenge. We seek collaboration and conversation across a wide range of experiences and perspectives, always with the goal of improving the law. “The most memorable part of the program was talking to a current William & Mary student and helping her navigate her first year of law school. It was also great to share some career tips and learn more about my junior lawyer`s future goals. The range and breadth of non-legal civil service of our students is as varied as our students themselves. They volunteer on campus, in the Williamsburg area, in their home communities, in the United States, and around the world. The characteristics of students` volunteer work are their participation in the Faculty of Law`s Community Service Program (CSP), through which students commit to at least 35 hours of community service.

Students who keep their promises are recognized at the graduation ceremony and receive a certificate. From 2005 to 2011, Nee was Deputy Attorney General in the Technology and Procurement Division of the Attorney General`s Office. In this role, she specialized in contract administration issues and was a consultant for the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, while advising other Virginia agencies on procurement and intellectual property issues. Our legal librarians will offer separate sessions on legal authority research and other aspects of legal research. A 2L or 3L student with special legal writing skills will be assigned to each section to teach the ins and outs of the appropriate legal citation. And practicing lawyers in a variety of fields will teach your legal skills course and provide detailed guidance on how to interview a client, conduct a trial, and other skills needed to practice law successfully.